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Our Story: Gerry & Goose

Happy Goose Hemp LLC founder, Gerry, brought Goose home from a rescue shelter when she was just a puppy. A lab shepherd mix, Goose grew quickly to 80 pounds, but she always retained her loving nature. The two were inseparable, going for walks, playing catch, and watching old movies together. So, when Goose’s hips started to cause chronic pain, Gerry considered every remedy to ease Goose’s suffering.
Gerry found what he was looking for when he started putting CBD drops in Goose’s food. Immediately, she was back to acting like a puppy--yet she was never groggy or aloof. Goose was happy again. But Gerry was concerned with the price of all the CBD products he found. They were all so expensive. 
Gerry, who had been retailing organic pet products for nearly two decades, believed that every family should be able to afford healthy, happy pets. He knew what to do. In 2016, he founded Happy Goose and began selling his own reasonably-priced CBD drops. Quickly, he expanded to offer various products that improve a pet’s quality of life, without breaking the bank. Veterinarians, groomers, and families alike have come to recognize and love the Happy Goose label.

In the end, we're just very proud to offer you the best products we can to keep your pets healthy and safe. Please enjoy your visit!

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