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The Benefits of CBD Organic Pet Treats

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Pet owners are discovering how much their dogs love CBD organic pet treats

Most dog owners understand a universal truth: dogs love organic pet treats. After walks. Before walks. As a reward. As a meal supplement. Few things excite our four legged companions like the sound of the treat bag opening. And giving your dog a treat can have meaningful, long lasting benefits. Organic pet treats can be used to train dogs, or reinforce positive behavior. Organic pet treats can also be used as an opportunity for human-pet bonding. Some treats even offer specialized nutritional benefits to help dogs with their individual needs, like weight loss or calcium deficiencies.

Increasingly, dog owners are discovering the myriad benefits of CBD infused organic pet treats. CBD, which lacks psychoactive properties, has been proven to potentially help animals with anxiety, pain relief, and anti-inflammation. Problems that dog owners in the past just ‘dealt with’ are now possibly entirely manageable with CBD. Dogs don’t have to suffer anymore. CBD can be used to support calm dogs that suffer from anxiety. Or, to hopefully help soothe dogs in pain.

For example, Mary H. has a lab named Mackenzie. At 11 years old, Mackenzie suffers from creaky joints. The last few years, Mackenzie’s pain really began to slow her down. Mary did what she could--lifting Mackenzie into the car, carrying her down stairs, taking her to the vet--but Mackenzie’s pain was always evident. Finally, Mary tried CBD. It was simple--she just swapped out her old generic pet treats for CBD organic pet treats. The effect was instant. Walking normally, sleeping more--Mackenzie became her old self--a happy and affectionate pup! Mary even began taking Mackenzie on daily walks again. The only difference in her routine: CBD organic pet treats.

A few companies are starting to make organic pet treats with CBD. But here, at Happy Goose Hemp Company, our organic pet treats are the absolute best. We use a simple formula with only six ingredients. Made in the USA, we never use animal byproducts in our treats. In fact, our organic pet treats are human-grade! Meaning, our treats pass the more stringent regulatory requirements imposed on human food! And with a full-spectrum dose of CBD, our organic pet treats are quite powerful, although without any psychoactive effects. Zero.

Actually, our organic pet treats are veterinarian-endorsed! So, you can be certain that when you give your dog our organic pet treats, you are giving them a product that is vet-approved.

Organic pet treats are a simple pleasure that all dogs love. Now, with CBD options available, dogs can enjoy treats while accessing the powerful and natural benefits of CBD. We know that you, and especially your pup, will love Happy Goose’s CBD organic pet treats.

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