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Does CBD Help Pets with Anxiety?

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Yes! CBD is becoming the most trusted method for helping pets with anxiety.

Cole T. wasn’t exactly sure where his terrier mix, Rufio, had come from. The Humane Society, where Cole had adopted Rufio, didn’t know either. Rufio’s history was a mystery. But Cole was certain that wherever Rufio came from was not a happy environment. Rufio’s nose was scarred and the corner of his ear was tattered. At the shelter, Rufio avoided eye contact and mostly cowered in the corner of his cubby. Cole, who had cared for a pet with anxiety before, had a soft spot for the lonely mutt and decided to bring Rufio home.

Rufio had difficulty adjusting to life in Cole’s apartment. When Cole was home, Rufio was withdrawn and skittish. Whenever Cole left Rufio alone, he would bark so much that the neighbors complained. At night, Rufio would pace, rarely sleeping. Sometimes, when Rufio heard a loud noise, he would urinate on Cole’s carpeted floors. Things were not going well. Cole had a pet with anxiety. He needed help.

During a routine veterinarian checkup, Cole asked what would help Rufio with his anxiety. The veterinarian recommended CBD. In fact, when clients bring in a pet with anxiety, CBD is often the very first recommendation, the vet said. The reason: CBD may be highly effective in soothing a pet with anxiety by potentially working to modify the pet’s behavior without the psychoactive side effects. CBD is healthy.

CBD was becoming so popular for pets with anxiety that Cole’s vet sold CBD drops over the counter. Cole bought a bottle and decided to start mixing a few drops into Rufio’s meals.

Rufio began to relax. He started making eye contact. He started sitting next to Cole, rather than alone in the corner of the room. When Cole would leave to run errands, Rufio no longer barked incessantly. He began sleeping peacefully through the night. His personality began to shine through. The pet with anxiety that Cole had brought home from the Humane Society was gone. Rufio, it turned out, was an affectionate and loving dog.

At Happy Goose Hemp Company, we cherish the opportunity to help pets just like Rufio. Our CBD drops are the highest quality on the market: USDA certified organic.

Cole is one of our customers. He loves how easy CBD drops are to use and how much they've helped Rufio find his chill. Cole simply mixes a drop or two into Rufio’s food twice per day.

Caring for a pet with anxiety can be stressful and taxing. But there are helpful ways to recover calmness. Cole and Rufio’s story is becoming commonplace as more and more people discover CBD. Check out Happy Goose Hemp’s full variety of CBD products.

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