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Does Your Dog Bark When You Leave?

Dogs bark when left alone for a bunch of different reasons dogs. If you want to help your dog relax while they’re alone, the first thing to do is to identify why your dog barks.

Why Do Dogs Bark?

Dog barks are first and foremost a way for pups to communicate. To express themselves, dogs use a variety of different barks. A hungry dog’s bark sounds different than a threatened or anxious dog. Here are some common types of barking that can help you identify why your dog barks.

- Territorial barking: many dogs are territorial by nature. If your dog’s behavior

changes when a person or animal approaches their territory, then this might be the cause of their barking.

- Alarm barks: these barks are in response to a noise or sight that triggers your dog. This is a warning bark when something is off, but unlike territorial barking, alarm barking is generally done outside of a familiar location and isn’t just about defending a familiar spot.

- Greeting bark: unlike other barks that are accompanied by aggressive sounds and stiff body language, a greeting bark is often more relaxed. You’ll often see your dog’s tail wagging and you may hear your dog whine as well. Greeting barks are in response to people or animals that your dog is excited to see.

- Attention-seeking bark: dogs learn quickly learn barking (or being loud in general) will get your attention. They’ll often bark to get food, toys, pets, or playtime.

- Frustrated bark: dogs will often bark when frustrated, much like a child yelling or wailing. Dogs may let out a frustrated bark when tied up and separated from a playmate or from you.

- Bored bark: when dogs get bored, they oftentimes bark. Dogs need stimulation through social interactions, playtime, training, or dog exercise. When they are cooped up or bored, they bark.

- Separation barking: dogs might get anxious when left alone, concerned about how long the separation will last. This type of anxiety is most often associated with dog’s barking when left alone.

In the end, dogs are social creatures. Some dogs will react to us leaving by barking. But what does this mean? Barking is often a behavior associated with separation anxiety. According to the ASPCA, excessive barking is a byproduct of this separation anxiety. This anxiety can be especially pronounced when there is a change in their schedule or when a loved one passes away.

CBD treats might help your dog when they bark excessively when left alone.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating phytocannabinoid within the hemp plant. It’s a natural compound that benefits your dog’s overall well-being due to the way it interacts with their endocannabinoid system (ECS). These treats taste great and often carry tons of healthy supplements to help your dog relax.

The ECS controls your dog’s balance and well-being due to its receptors throughout their systems, including major systems like the digestive, immune, and nervous systems. When the CBD interacts with these receptors, it calms your dog, reducing destructive and anxious behaviors.

Give your dog CBD treats before you; it will take your dog about 30 minutes or less to feel the effects. Your dog will be less nervous and stressed, which will help them to feel calm while you’re away.

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