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Vegan Dog Treats!

Looking to add some vegan elements to your dog’s diet? Vegan dog treats are a great way to provide healthy options for your dog without going fully vegan. Satisfying and healthy, vegan dog treats can complement any dog’s diet by offering a whole host of bountiful ingredients that promote overall wellness.

What are vegan treats specifically? Vegan dog treats are made without animal products. Thus, they consist entirely of plant products, meaning you won’t find any animal protein or dairy products in vegan treats.

Are vegan treats good for dogs even though they don’t have animal products? The short answer is yes, vegan treats are good for dogs! So long as your dog is getting balanced meals, vegan dog treats are a perfect addition to your dog’s diet. Vegan treats can be particularly beneficial because many vegan dog treats, like the ones offered by Happy Goose, are organic and contain no artificial flavors or additives. Unlike mass-produced commercial dog treats, handcrafted snacks generally only contain natural, impactful ingredients.

Which vegan treats are the best? How do you find the right vegan treat for your furry friend? First, what textures and flavors does your dog generally enjoy? Second, does your dog have a specific ailment or issue you’re trying to address? There are plenty of treats around that will satisfy both your pet’s health and appetite 😊

Vegan chews or soft treats are often a top choice for many dogs because of their strong scent and satisfying texture. These are especially great choices for dogs with dental issues, including seniors as they’re easy to chew and digest. Vegan chews made with CBD are also a great choice, especially if your dog is dealing with anxiety or joint pain, as the CBD can help address those issues with the vegan treat offers a healthy, safe alternative to the many mass-produced, feed-grade CBD treats out there. With this in mind, be sure to look for vegan dog treats that are organic. This means they contain no additives, contaminants, preservatives, and other artificial ingredients.

Happy Goose Vegan Dog Treats

All-told vegan treats are a perfect addition to your furry friend’s diet and a great gift this holiday season!

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